El Destroyo 11/5/2012

Not to be rude (or young) but I was born in 1988. That means I do not care about Ronald Reagan. I know he was evil or the best thing ever or just good or bad or nice or crazy or an actor or an asshole or the cornerstone of something or other. I just have to tell you I don’t care. Remember when you were young and your parents said “JFK was awesome” or “JFK was a douchebag”…you don’t? Of course you don’t because your parents never cared enough to tell you. So please don’t mention Ronald Reagan all the mother f’in time. I know you care but I don’t…seriously if you do one more time I am going to recount all 100 thousand seasons of American Fucking Idol and tell you why it matters(d) to me and never stop telling you…then you’ll know how I feel about your hero/villain R.R. By the way, the movie from Kelly to Justin was a big moment in my life….

Note: as a student of history I probably know more about R.R. than you. Not trying to be a snot, but I can tell you when he was CA governor , etc., doesn’t sound like much, but trust me it is. 

Now don’t you feel better?


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