B. 11/14/12

My parents are both from the midwest and even though I was born, raised, and lived all of my life on the west coast I have still managed to pick up a few little midwestern quirks.  There’s nothing too dramatic like the generic “don’t cha know?” or “pop” (it’s soda to the rest of the country guys) but mainly things like “yup” or calling a remote a “clicker“–I understand that it doesn’t “click” anymore but it’s definitely more fun to say than remote, you totally can’t win me on that one!  I feel like these little quirks that we each have tell a story about our past or about our family’s past–they make people interesting and, in my “expert” opinion, bring a little charm to life.  Well, I’m going to go get a hamburger sandwich now!

Now don’t you feel better?


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