B. 11/16/12

History is quite amazing and I sincerely believe that everyone has a little bit within them.  We each have a history that has helped to create our personalities and grow as individuals.  Also, at least for those of us who have decided to be poor for the rest of our lives and study history, it can be used as an outlet or something that gets us excited/motivated to keep going.  There is so much to learn about a history or about the events of the past but I think that it’s more important to see how those events led to what we have today.  Also those people who think that history is not just about memorizing dates really need to read a history book–start with something easy like anything written by Sarah Vowell because she mixes history and satire (and Sarah, I am expecting 3% of all profits from future book sales because of this prime advertisement).  I guess what I really wanted to say was that people should accept histoy is awesome and learn from it.

Now don’t you feel better?


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