B. 11/20/12

As a historian, I have been trained (and still learning!) to look at documents with my “history hat” on (and yes, we can go out in public with this hat on without our cover being blown–give us a little more credit than Superman/Batman/Spiderman who keep getting so damn close to blowing their true identities. Idiots).  We are told to look at photographs, newspapers, deeds, and various legislation with a different perspective than the guy walking down the street who likes to read historical fiction or the girl that cuts my hair who Wikipedia’s historical events to keep up with the current times.  Historians are the ones who decide what is important for you to know and actually give you that information (don’t worry, most of us try really hard not to abuse our powers–actually, I feel that most of us would analyze the shit out of that abuse and probably feel really bad about semi taking advantage of people).  I don’t really know where I was going with this other than stating, once again, that I feel kind of badass about being a historian–just saying that I’m a historian is giving me goose-pimples right now!  Oh, god I’m such a dork.

Now don’t you feel better?


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