B. 11/24/12

Do you ever look back at the relationships that you have with people and realize that the initial “how you met” or “how you connected” with that person is pretty crazy?  Whether you meet someone because of a shared hobby, because of those stupid “meet & greet” things in college where you could actually find someone with similar interests, because they randomly showed up in your room to visit with another roommate but they got sucked into watching Gossip Girl with you, because you wanted to help them make paper snowflakes for decorating a shared hallway, because you needed their help with seemingly endless research questions about something no one else would ever get excited about, because you commented on their curly hair, because they thought you reminded them of someone close to them that they have lost, because you or them just needed someone to talk or someone to listen….  The possibilities are endless!  These experiences have taught me to expect the unexpected and that sometimes when we really need someone they just seem to pop up—this is me just believing a little in fate or really wanting to reminisce a bit but either way, it’s worked for me.

Now don’t you feel better?


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