B. 11/26/12

Sneezing is painful!  There’s the buildup in your nose that feels like carbonation up there, then you start to get short of breath and squint your eyes to feel all the tingles, then your eyes start to water, and finally you let it all out.  And of course that can’t be all the weird, body jolting pain!  Nope!  Then we’ve got the option of having a “sneeze attack” consisting of four to five succeeding sneezes, biting our tongues (this has only happens when I’m wearing my retainer—yes mom, I still wear it), or, if the sneeze was held in, tearing up to the point of crying or at least excessively watery eyes.  I know there are anatomical and biological reasons for sneezing but sometimes I wish there was a better way!

Now don’t you feel better?


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