B. 11/27/12

Writing papers really sucks!  I thoroughly enjoy the research part—it kind of feels like you’re hunting or something (like I’ve ever even shot a gun…right! But I’m sure that’s how it feels).  You go driving to these various places in search of materials, then you try to figure things out with the archivist/librarian/researcher to see what would best suit your needs, then they pull out these documents that should be treated like gold, then you get to read and interpret the documents to get a feel for what your argument will look like—this is the exciting part!  The shitty part is having to sit down and write out an argument that seems to flow properly and supports your thesis only to get shot down by a professor/reader.  It’s all so stupid (in my humble opinion).  I understand what I’m writing but it’s frustrating when other people (mainly those grading my papers) say that I’m going about everything wrong!  Just because it’s different from yours doesn’t make it wrong.  And also, if we’re writing something for fellow students to read we should expect them to have a functioning brain so that spelling every little detail out is not necessary—if my fellow students currently can’t interpret things on their own they really need to learn & what better time than the present?

Now don’t you feel better?


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