B. 11/28/12

Went walking around/wondering today and realized, once again, how obsessed I am with looking at random homes.  This area was fucking perfect; it was so cutesy it was hard to bear!  I just love looking at how people style their yards and decorate their homes–in a way it’s kind of a hobby for me.  For me, it’s interesting how people place their artwork or their furniture and I feel like each home that I go into is its own little museum.  I walk into a home and I try to soak everything in because it tells you a little bit about those people and gives you a tiny look into their past.  I seriously wish I had a free pass that allowed me to walk into random peoples homes just to look at things (don’t worry, I wouldn’t go digging around or anything); I would want to do this to learn more about architecture and design so that I could see what interests me…I promise I’m not a creeper!  I really hope that “I want a free pass” thing doesn’t come across as stalker-esque—oh well if it does!

Now don’t you feel better?


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