B. 12/2/12

We, as the millennial generation, are sort of expected to know what the fuck we’re doing with regards to technology and always being connected to that “virtual world.”  Don’t worry, I get it!  I’ve surely had those days when my phone has been attached at my hip but I have realized that it’s nice to be able to avoid those types of things to do more “menial” activities.  Might I suggest coloring!  I know it sounds like I’m a total kid (and I am of course) but sometimes activities like coloring, painting, making paper snowflakes, knitting, planting a potted garden, or just walking help to clear up your head and make you ready for the next step of life.  Maybe I just like the effortless movement that doesn’t depend upon using all that much brainpower and gives me a chance to do things with my hands.  I can’t quite figure out specifically what it is that I like about these types of things but they seem to make things a little easier for me—maybe give a few of them a try!

Now don’t you feel better?


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