B. 12/3/12

Expectations suck!  Expectations of family, of school, of relationships, of future jobs, of life-changing decisions….they all fucking suck!  They never seem to go away.  I know that I’ve put pressure on people close to me because I have expectations of them and I sometimes hate that I’ve done that and made those expectations so prevalent within our relationship but I feel that it’s been done to me as well.  Do we do it because we care or because we don’t want to get hurt in the long run?  Do we do it so that we feel as if we have a dominant hold on the relationship?  I don’t understand why it perpetuates so drastically.  I know that I hate when my loved ones put expectations on me but I can’t seem so stop doing it towards them.  I think I’m just over-thinking it all again and I need to calm down a bit.  I just need to accept that it’s going to continue and I will be a giver as well as a receiver of these expectations.

Now don’t you feel better?


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