B. 12/4/12

Being an American there are certain nostalgic anticipations and hopes that are instilled within us at quite an early age.  We should go to school and get a proper education, find a job that instills a sense of pride within the core of ourselves, fall in love and get married, buy a house that you and your spouse can call home to raise some kids, continue to work and pay off your mortgage for the next 20 years, help your kids out in fulfilling their “American Dream” quota, retire, and watch your grandkids in admiration because of their youth.  I don’t know, will this version of “The Dream” change soon?  I mean, it’s had a 60 plus year run.  I hope I’m not sounding as if I’m discouraging this sense of Americanism because I certainly want a good number of these things, but I do wonder if the interpretations of the American ways of life are being interpreted differently throughout our generation to the point of changing what we want as a whole society?  I really don’t know, just being nostalgic myself!

Now don’t you feel better?


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