B. 12/5/12

Today I was chatting with my cousins daughter/second cousin (who is about ten years old) via email (yes, I just said “via email” and of course she will have no understanding/use for that phrase ever!).  I feel like it’s weird that she has an email account.  Then she started asking me what games I liked to play as a kid and I now feel super old.  I was listing off things like soccer, kickball, jumprope, checkers, and scrabble when she tells me that her favorite games are on poptropica (again, yes, I did just copy and paste the name of that game because I have never heard of it and have no real desire to google what the fuck it actually is….OK, you got me! I couldn’t help but googling it! but I still just copied and pasted it without actually learning the spelling).  I remember as a kid being so upset when my mom made me come inside from playing and now kids are trying to stay inside to play computer games.  Also, I pretty much had to beg for an email account around the same time that I got my drivers license but didn’t really use it until I got to college.  Is this a generational thing or is it just me?

Now don’t you feel better?


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