B. 12/10/12

Why are some of my friends so flakey?  I have scheduled thing’s and done extra work in order to take one whole day off to hang out with a friend of mine and then she texts me (not even calls) the day before to tell me that we can grab a cup of coffee on her way through a city over from where I live; she got a puppy and needed to transport the puppy and I happened to be on the way.  It’s so ridiculous and I feel like I’m a fucking pit stop or something.  I was really looking forward to hanging out and talking about real things that are going on in my life (and I was super excited to hear about hers as well!) and I built it all up.  I need to stop building up this type of shit.  I need to act like it’s any other day that I’m going through so that I don’t continue to be so let down.  Well, at least I got onion dip out of it!

Now don’t you feel better


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