B. 12/17/12

I have a fond love of blankets and I have come to appreciate them more as I have had to live in places without central heating (space heaters have become my best friends as well).  Don’t worry guys, I know that they are inanimate objects but you can’t deny that they give a sense of security whenever they’re around.  I blame my grandmother who is a midwestern, small-town quilter with way too much time on her hands (don’t get me wrong, what she makes are totally works of art but she’s a quilting fool!).  Because of her, though, I have so many damn quilts and blankets I really don’t know what to do with them all; I can’t throw them away  because I would have serious Catholic shoulders and I feel like once I did, she would ask me about them (like she’s haunting me or something)…so I just keep them all in a plastic bin and hope that she won’t send me anymore—well, maybe I really don’t hope that at all!   Damn you grandma! Feeding my addiction!!!

Now don’t you feel better?


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