B. 5/19/13

WARNING: This post is, in no way, upbeat, silly, or empowering.  If you are looking for upbeat, silly, or empowering  you will have to go somewhere else and, honestly, I feel pretty indifferent with what you do.  So, here it goes…

Trying to stay motivated or not afraid of the future is difficult sometimes.  Sorry, those of you who have to put up with my whining about this subject so often but what else is a girl to do?  Sometimes I just need someone to listen for a bit—you will let me know if it’s getting too pathetic won’t you?  Thanks!

Don’t worry, I know it will get better but I’m really at a loss until that point.  I think I just need something to look forward to…and that’ll happen soon enough (trust me, I know graduating is exciting and I truly am impressed with myself but then I remember that I don’t know what to do next).  God, I’m sappy…so much so that I’m even annoying myself. Dammit!  Well, this has officially turned into some sort of diary entry from a third grade school girl.

Now don’t you feel better?


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